Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reunion DB

As the topic above my entry today is about my high school reunion.

Smlm tanggal 27 hb 11 2010, my friends buat reunion utunk high was a blast.event yg happening wlaupun xramai yang hadir but then it was fun..the food is great. thanx to cik azie and en halim coz sggup jd tuan rumah tuk majlis nie....u guys rock la...heheheeh...rase nie je kowt, dah lame tak tulis so writing skill agak la berkarat sikit but then i try to write again k.

p/s: the pic will be upload soon.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


entry today :I'm Lonely..

rite now I'm listening to this one sad Indon song, for me la. the lyrics are just so touching, SAAT AKU MENCINTAIMU. hurm, rite now, i feel so lonely, yes i'm surrounded by my family but it just that i don't have my other half with me.eventhough that he is here in TPG but we don't see each other that often. sumtimes i just feel that i don't have a BF.if i were to feel like this, i wouldn't fall in love..SAD, ALONE, LONELY, TEARS, have been my best frenz from the day we were together.sumtimes i feel so tired like this, i admit that i'm the one that ask for us not to see that often. however, i couldn't take it anymore if you just ignore me. without a word. everyday whenever i think of our relationship, it a must for my tears to fall. it feel so hurt, i don't know how long i can bare this feeling. i never ask you to always contact me,see me. whenever, i see a couple. i feel so envy with lovely and sweet are they. i never feel as your GF, i always get the feeling that i'm just one of your frenz, that i'm nothink to you. the only thing that show me that i'm still your GF is the way you call me. i accept the way you treat me, accept that your family is important, i accept everything bout you. BUT YOU??? you ask me to do something without thinking bout my family, you never accept for who i am.whenever i said that you are not my husband yet, you sulk. now, you leave me alone,without a word but its ok. coz i just want you to be happy.  go and be happy with your family, whenever you feel that you would like to know bout me, then text me, or call me. i'll just be rite here waiting for you.  


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mizz Nina....

entry today is about a Malaysian singer, Mizz Nina...

aku baru jek tengok video clip Mizz Nina WHAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR tuh....this my opinion ok...only my opinion...yes, she's a great singer, and her song also amazing tp akuh agak dissappointed dgn lirik lagu tuh shows that Malaysian people nie, jenis yang suker tettttttttttttttttt....aper ynag dier buat untuk naikkan name negara tuh memagla atleast biarla lirik dier tu clean...hurm paper pun I hope more great songs from Mizz Nina and this time make sure lirik tuh clean k and last but no least congartulations on Mizz nina N Noh Hujan punyer engagement. lest check out gmbr dierowg:


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letters to Juliet

Today's entry : Romeo and Juliet....

Baru je pas tengok citer Letter to Juliet. Its one hell of story I must say (for people yang senang tuching la mcm akuh).Its about a pretty girl Sophia that work in New Yorkers.She love to write and she want to be a journalist. She already has a fiancee and they went on a vacation in Sienna a romantic city (how I wish to go there).There, when her fiancee is with the arranged meeting with the suppliers for his restaurant, she found this committee that call themselves as Secretary of Juliet. They reply the letter that girls sent to them by sticking at the wall of where Romeo and Juliet once express their love.She found a letter that was sent 50 years ago, she find herself devoting to reply that letter and the letter did arrive to the sender.They then go for a quest to find the sender, Claire Smith true love, Alfonso Bartolini. Together Sophia, Claire and Claire's grandson, Charlie, they seek the man of Claire's life. The rest of the story I think you guys can predict rite?HEHEHE. There is one word in that movie that I love the most that is "truly, madly, deeply and passionately in love with you". Ahhhh..How I melt when listen to this word. 

The movie for me is really sweet, heart touching and full with romanticism. In this movie also it encourage people to cease their true love and I wish the same for me. Watching this movie make me think, why most men are not as romantic as Romeo? Express their passionate for the love of his life in public, willing to go through obstacle in their love journey.Sometimes, it arouse my feeling to have my own Romeo but that is almost impossible. Because Romeo is Romeo and D is D, but sometimes I wish you will be a bit more romantic like Romeo (sorry D). HEHE..But I know that you have done a lot for me, and I really appreciate it.  But it is not wrong for me to dream bout it rite?.

I think that's all for now, until next time.Chioww..

The Movie


Friday, November 12, 2010

Part 1 N 2..

very well, entry today is all about how I envy towards others and plus der la ckit ckit pasal len...

part 1.
Tak tahu nape, aku kadang-kadang rase envy ngan orang sekekliling aku... 
Tak kisah la in terms of aper pun.janji envy la... 
Tapi mostly dlm study and relationship??study tuh sangat la betul yer, sbb aku slalu ngat jadi second dari orang len..sometimes aku pikir kn, aku akan selamanya jadi second ker???
Okey aku taw yang ner kenal aku for sure la akan cakap aku nie tak taw nak bersyukur. 
aku bersyukur but then teringin gak raser nak jadi yang first...
so nampaknyer aku mmg kener study lg hard la kn...
okeyh azam baru tuk exam kali nie.(org awal tahun wat azam, ko akhir thn bru nk wat azam)..
Nak wat cmner, awal tahun aku tersangat la nakal lagi..hehehehe...
okeyh aku azam nk dpt sumer A...

part 2.
semalam de member aku panggil aku hadiah (spe yang bace novel Hlovate jek yang taw)...
aku tersangat la rse gembira di hati walau pun tuh bkn la name betul aku...
yela tak pernah lagi kowt org panggil aku hadiah..
even my BF pun tak der nak panggil aku hadiah..
the word HADIAH tuh means a lot to me..
when that someone call me hadiah, it shows that as if aku nie betul betul hadiah taw..
kembangnyer la time tuh...
nama awak nur farhana liyana...
bukan nawal stop berangan.
tapi aku tak kisah, name nawal tuh aku akan tetap abadikan dalam hidup aku
aku nak leatk name nawal tuh kat sumer namer anak aku...


Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Event in Farhana's College Life.

all right, today's entry is about the dinner that I attend yesterday's nite. That is DEC 5B DINNER yang diadakan di RESTORAN ANA IKAN BAKAR..makan siap ala ala stail kampung you, siap bersila bagai....muahahahah..and I'm prouldy saying that it is 

Dinner of the Year in My Life.

for that lovely and most happening dinner, i would like to express my greatest attitude towards:
the organizer that is my lovely assistance class rep Syasya. 
thnx sya for arrange the happening dinner.
for finding the lovely place
and for the menu that made my stomach full.
mmg betul betul PJK la..

to my classma8 yang sudi hadir ke dinner tuh. 
terima kasih sebab korang dah happening kan dinner tuh.
kerenah korng betul betul dapat membuat saper saper jek pun gelak and terhibur.
aku tak kan luper korang la sampai bile bile pun..
korg adalah kawan terbaik yang aku dapat.

not to be forgotten,
the three most beautiful and cute lecturer, 
Miss Eikin, Miss Fara and Miss hasniza.
thanx for willing mencemar duli join dinner kiteowng.
you guys are the best lecturer la miss miss sekalian.hehehehee..
kenangan dalam kelas mmg tak kan saya luperkan la miss.
to Miss Hasniza, 
thnx sudi hadir wlaupun miss tak ajar kiteowng.

   meja mkanan yang best la...

pose sume....


I'm Sorry and Thank You.

hari nie sumer entry aku nak sedeyh sedeyh jek..sebab aku memang ngah sedeyh..dah terlalu lamer aku berendam air mata..aku dah xsanggup mcm nie dah..aku bukan jenis gurl yang akan senang senang tinggalkan pakwe dier, aku sangat susah untuk melepaskan dan aku akan bergantung pada orang tuh selagi die tak minta aku pergi dari hidup dier.mungkin der yang pasan entry nie mcm relate ngan entry sebelum nie n YES korang memang betul. sumernye kerana dier.

member member 1 skolah ngan aku ramai cakap yang aku bertuah sebab dapat dier, dulu aku pun raser cam tuh dan aku pun still raser cam tuh skunk. aku memang bertuah sebab dapat dier, tapi keadaan kiterowng dah tak macam dulu. aku paham yang dier ngah serabut, sakit and aku memang nak kene jaga hati dier. N skunk aku raser penat, dier mrah, bengang ngan aku. 
aku taw sebab per dier marah and dier marah bende yang betul just aku tak leh terime care dier jek.Dier marah sebab aku kau malam, tp aku bukan sajer sajer nak kua malam, aku pegi jamuan, 1 kelas siap der lecturer lagi tak campo pun.dier marah sebab aku suker keluar pegi jalan jalan, windows shopping. tapi dier tak leh paham naper aku suker wat cam tuh. aku wat camtuh sebab aku nak survey barang and wat perbandingan harga and kadang kadang sebab bende tuh mahal sangat so aku hanya leh tgk sajer. aku bukan orang kayer yang leh beli barang barang mahal sangat. lau aku beli barang mahal pun, mmg aku sayang giler bender tuh. tapi tak per sebab aku syang dier, oleh itu kat entry yang terbuker nie, aku nak mintak maaf kat dier.

To My Ever Dearest DD, 
I'm so so sorry for:
  • not listening to your advice to leave my teenage world.
  • for making you angry.
  • for making you sick.
  • for making your life hard
  • for making you spent your money on me.
And I would like to thank you for:
  • making my life happier.
  • accept me for who I am.
  • showing me the most precious thing in this whole wide world that is love.
  • and the most important thing is just being there for me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


today is my first paper for final exam yet I cannot focus in my study..All that I think now is Him, my DD. when I woke up this morning i receive messages from him, basically the content he ask me to choose to stay beside him or not, juz bcoz he get the feeling that his lives will be hard..It break my heart to read what he sent to me..I know that he will be reading my blog so read this carefully DD.
To My Ever Dearest DD.....
Please don't ask that kind of questions again, coz you'll get the same answer again and again. You know that I won't leaves not until you chase me away from your lives.

Do you still remeber how hard is it for us to be together? After all that we've been through, do you still need to ask that kind of questions? I thought you know me well enough D.

I'm not the kind of girl that would leave you just becoz you face some difficulties in life. Yes, i once said I'm materialistic girl, but that attitude cannot compared my love towards you. All the money in this world cannot buy my love for you.

please let me by your side. please don't chase me away, not after what we have been through. I'll promise I'll be better. we can go through it together D. if we can go through your sickness together then why not now..

I just wanna be with you, that's all I ever ask for.


Thursday, November 04, 2010


Finally, kelas pukul 1.30 petang tadi merupakan kelas terakhir aku sebagai dak diploma..walaupun tak betul betul abis sebagai dak diploma, atleast aku dah tak yah nak serabut pasal attendance kelas lg(wlaupun lepas nie serabut sal attendance kerje la hahaha). aku dah berjaya melalui liku-liku di kolej denagn baik, walaupun de gak la masalah kat kolej nie. tp hidup tak lari dari masalahkan. kalau orang yang tak der masalah tuh, bek tak yah hidup la, coz tak der warne betul la hidup dier...suker suker kau jek kan nak ngutuk orang..pedehal, nie kan blog aku, lagipun tu tuk general..hahaha, sory la sumer bahase agak tidak sopan yer...tetttttttt... tapi papehal pun aku still de final exam lagi yang tak lepas, so lepas nie concentrate kat final yer cik farhana...buat betul betul taw..u'r family count on you..and for my frenz, i wish u all good luck in ur exam..we really need to ace this.insyaAllah kiter sumer akan success ye bebeh sumer.... GIRLS POWER!!!!!!!!! P/S: tajuk post aku sering tak kene ngan entry la...hurm???cmner ntah bak buat??


Tuesday, November 02, 2010


okeh, tajuk diatas sangat bersesuaian dengan ape yang aku ngah alami sekarang. aku sangat sanagt perlukan pertolongan untuk menaikkan balik semangat aku yang hilang dlm dua hari lepas. aku agak kecewa dengan ape yang terjadi dalam dua hari nie.. aku rase macam hidup aku terbang macam tuh sajer.. aku macam nampak future aku jauh giler sedangkan sebelum nie ade betul betul depan mata kau jer. hurm entahla, aku tak taw dah sebenarnyer aku nak wat macam maner lagi. yang tinggal sekarang untuk aku wat betul betul dalam final nanti jek.. I really need to strive for the best..