Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's getting worst n worst

I have another fight wif my fwen(ain). I never been this mad at my fwen. Actually I'm sad and dissappointed wif her coz she has neglected her fwenz for a guy... At first I'm ok with it but then she started to change, and I started to hate her. Well not hate actually, I juz wanted her to pay more attention towards her fwenz that's all. she doesn't hang out wif me nor other fwenz. We have already talk to her about this and she said she was sorry but it only last for like 5 minutes. Then she did it again.


Gurl, wake up!!!! You only know that guy about 3 months and you treated him like you know him longer than you know us. We have been your fwenz from the moment you step your feet in the college, dear.... Wake up dear, he's not going to help you if anything happen to you at the hostel. It's we that you'll be looking for.. Honey, we miss you, come back to us. We miss our old days, our happy days without a person called ****. I'm talking on behalf of all our fwenz. Come back to us ok..