Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm sorry :-(

It's been a while since I last post my blog.. I hv poblem on keep up my blog,but at least I try to keep it update as hard as I can. well this time I hv poblem wif myself and one of my frenz.. I love her so damn much(as a fren ok!) but lately I realize that I've always being cynical to her. really, I dun know y? I know dat she know I've being cynical wif her but still she keep patient wif me. I felt terrible. I wanna to apologize but it seem my mouth won't cooperate wif me...wat should I do??? I don't wanna lose her. she's my best buddy in college. Dira, I'm so so so so sorry.. u know I love you so much.. I'm very stupid to do dat to you...hope you will forgive my stupidity.....I know deep down you hurt wif my action, I try to change.I promise, I try extra extra hard to change.

Isn't she's cute????